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Imagine your business...

Imagine your business...

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Many companies dealing with content are focused on marketing, building a brand and selling to prospective customers.

Our focus is on the informational content that your customers need while they are joining, purchasing and using a product or service.

This can come in many forms:

  • Web account management

  • FAQs

  • Online knowledge base

  • Emails

  • Contact centre support

MEYR consulting exists to help companies meet their customer service goals by providing advice and content in relation to help and support for their customers. ​



MEYR can help in the following ways

  • Reviewing existing help and support content

  • Guiding you through implementing a knowledge base

  • Coaching employees in effective content management

  • Assessing online customer journeys

Every organisation is different and we'll be happy to discuss your unique requirements and build a bespoke plan.

Get in touch for a free consultation


           01302 818151

           07720 892714



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